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The Strange Writer is a blog for those who are taking the indie route in publishing, and doing the work themselves. Consider me a case study.


I’ve chronicled the journey of working on and then releasing my science fantasy romance novel, Femme.

I created the cover for Femme at the cost of $7.75 and a week’s worth of time. I found the same five truths about indie publishing repeated by everyone in the industry. I went through a hair-pulling editing stage and stumbled on the psychology of editing. I lined up my promotional have-to’s and need-to’s, and learned things about front matter and how to submit to bookshops and distributors like Amazon and Smashwords.

And I’m still learning and fumbling and getting a handle on the process.

I hope my blog can be a way for us to take the journey together. I’ll do my best not to skip the really important bits.


11 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Reading Femme; back at you in about a week or so, Delia. It’s not that I’m a slow reader, it’s just that the menial and mundane, such as working and sleeping, get in the way of the important things in life. lol Till then…



    • Take your time :) Myself, I’m a slower reader than most (and it takes me a while to get around to a book depending on what I’ve got on the boil, too). I’m interested in what you’ll make of ‘Femme’ and really hope you enjoy it.


      • I believe one of your greatest strengths as a writer is that you have an uncommon talent for making the reader feel what your protagonist is feeling, Delia–the ability to make the reader truly empathize with your main character..

        I was so drawn into the story by what Kaley was feeling, as far as her disappointments, her heartaches, her rebounds at realizing the truth about certain matters and the emotion of celebrating her triumphs, that I just could’t stop reading at one point. Thank you! I can’t tell you how happy I am that I read your book!



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