Steampunk Inspirational

There was a small yet interesting Steampunk exhibition at Old Petrie Town, in the Pine Rivers Museum.  One particular piece of artwork appealed to me, old-fashioned photography style picturing a woman beside a mechanical swan.  Not quintessential steampunk, but certainly of the essence.

I don’t write a lot of steampunk.  I don’t even read a lot of it, but I do adore it.  How unusual, that my fascination for such things tends to remain in the visual.  I would love to dress up steampunk style, and would watch movies about it, read graphic novels featuring it, yet I wouldn’t venture solely into the written word.

Even so, the fashions and concepts do inspire me.  There’s something about gazing at other people’s creative flair that motivates me to do my own.  There was a quote I read a few days ago: “You can’t use up creativity.  The more you use, the more you have.”  It was a statement by Maya Angelou.  I’ll even go a step further:

Creativity begets creativity.  The more you surround yourself with other’s examples of creativity, the more you’ll be inspired to use your own.


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