A Hater Defending Twilight

I used to be an eye-rolling, finger-point-at-the-mouth-and-gag girl whenever anybody mentioned Twilight.  I haven’t read the books, but I’ve been told the entire story and I considered it bad enough.  I run a literary forum, and a few of the members had tryhard characters of the Twilight ilk (before Twilight was published), so perhaps from reading all of their rubbish plots, I had a pre-concieved idea of what Stephanie Meyer was about.

I don’t do that anymore.  It’s bad taste.  To put down someone else’s work is a reflection of me rather than a reflection of their work.  I’m just one opinion.  My opinion is shared among many of the disenchanted, but Twilight is a best-seller because even more people have bought it and liked it.

My problem with Twilight was always about the plot, and the ‘perfect character’ concept.  Other criticisms don’t jibe with me so well.

There’s a lot of negative feedback on ‘sparkly’ vampires.  Okay, not something I’d do, but c’mon, it’s creative and unique!  It would keep a vampire out of the daylight to stop themselves from being noticed as supernatural.

There’s a lot of negative feedback on the nature of abusive relationships and the writer’s obligation to be more responsible to her young readers.  What?  Piss off, it’s a work of fiction.  Does Jeff Lindsay (author of the Dexter books) have to be responsible for his readers?  Does Edgar Allen Poe have to answer to criticism about not burying bodies under the floor?  In one of my books, I portray a captive (by blackmail, not chains) being seduced/manipulated into a particular way of thinking/behaving.  Am I going to be slammed about how socially incorrect this kind of behaviour is?  Yeesh.

The only responsibility Stephanie Meyer has to her readers, is to write a story that will entertain them.  She has no responsibilities or obligations to the critics.  Books that critics love aren’t always popular with the general public.

So no, I don’t agree with the critics about why Twilight is bad.  I’m just not interested in the story at all.


3 thoughts on “A Hater Defending Twilight

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