Short Story Competitions

I only write short stories for a specific purpose, not because there’s a story in my head that I simply have to write.  Whenever I write, things grow.  A short story becomes a novella.  That’s happened to me quite a few times.  I’m better when I have a specific goal, and meet that goal.  That’s what I’ve been doing so far – entering short story competitions.  Well, remove the plural and enter the singular, because I’ve only entered one so far.  It was mentioned in a previous post of mine; the Adrien Abbot prize, which I discovered via Facebook.

It’s good networking with writers on Facebook.  Since meeting and friending other writers, I’ve discovered a few things I would’ve otherwise missed.  The Steampunk Exhibition was one, in fact.  This is the kind of thing I would usually discover a few days after it finished.  The short story competitions and publishing contacts I’ve since discovered.  Smaller, local opportunities that I might otherwise have overlooked.

Short story competitions are harder to ‘win’ than getting published, I think.  They come in shorter bursts, but I think get more applicants – especially if there’s a financial reward offered.  I imagine this is why the bigger competitions charge an entry fee, to get rid of a lot of the fodder.  Only a serious punter (or an incredibly deluded one, and I know there are a few of them out there) would bother parting with their $10 or more dollars per entry.

So far, all of the competitions I’ve entered (and am looking at entering), all declare the winner in the September/October period of this year, while their cut-off dates are usually around June/July.  I’ve still got time.


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