Here, Have My Card

I’ve set myself a deadline for editing my completed novel.  I’ve already blown the first deadline out of the water, but it was an incredibly optimistic one.  I know now that it’s very possible for me to have my novel fully polished and ready for publication by the end of this year.  I’ve joined the Queensland Writer’s Centre, which is my primary source for networking, and am paying attention to everything that can help me at this end of the spectrum.

I took the plunge and invested not-much-money into some writer’s business cards.  Essentially they have my name, title (writer), mobile number and email along with an illustration of a typewriter – the old fashioned kind.  I did actually touch one of those, when I did a typing class for my first year in high school, before the school invested in electronic typewriters that would type out one line on a screen and then machine-gun its way across the page when the ‘enter’ button was pressed.

The business cards have a blank back, and it’s not a gloss finish, so I can scribble whatever meaningless drivel I like on it before handing it out, so the person(s) can smudge the ink inside their wallet/carry-case.  Or I could just say ‘here, have my card’ if they show interest in my writing, or not-yet-fully-formed fledgling writing group, or just because I feel like handing it out.

Last time I gave my details to another writer to meet up and talk shop, I ended up scribbling my email on the back of some random pamphlet (lucky I was in the library, or she would’ve got a petrol station receipt), along with my name and said: “Hey, send me an email and we can chat more about our books” or something equally awkward.

Now I can simply say: “Here, have my card,” and produce it with a winning smile and flamboyant gesture.  Well, maybe not flamboyant.  Smoothly, perhaps.


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