Kallangur Writers Critique Club

I have been busy, busy, busy, organising this little group.  It’s a surprising state to be in, because I thought there was nothing much to organise, because we started out as a social swap-our-manuscripts trio in a coffee shop.

The first meeting took place on the 2nd of July, and was a success (though could still be improved a great deal).  The library was a much better place to read out fiction without having to yell over echoey coffee shop chatter.  The librarians were very helpful and accomodating also.

The background work for setting everything up was mostly to investigate dates and times the library was open, to speak with the head librarian, then to speak with the librarian that was scheduled to be on at that day and time.  Together we nominated the space our group wanted to reserve, and then a notation was made in our respective diaries/calendars.  I emailed back and forth with the other two ladies – who are now all founding members – to discuss how the meeting would mostly be structured, then stopped in at a stationery shop for some supplies (spare pens, system cards – which are used as feedback/critique cards and given to the writer who reads their work, as a reference card for comments made and some labels for names).

I extended an invitation to one fellow we’d met and chatted with as a trio for ages after the Strathpine group, outside the library.  He was a new member of the Strathpine Library Writers Group but seemed to suit us personality wise, and writing style as well.

We’re not going to advertise for more members, because through word-of-mouth we might end up attracting people anyway.  We want to keep the group small until we get the structure right, because after two hours, only two people had readings, and we could’ve had tons of time up our sleeve but didn’t.  We’re a very like-minded group, and the ability to chat for hours is both a benefit and liability in this case, because we should stop chatting and start critiquing!

I’m going to have to knuckle down and get some work done, to take advantage of the feedback and polish up my manuscripts.


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