25 Word Blurb

A paranormal romance about a young man who discovers the reality of vampires, and the political forces that pulls him in different directions: love or immortality?

Okay, that’s actually twenty-six words, but I can get it down by simply deleting the word ‘young man’ and inserting ‘mortal’.  I like the sound of ‘young man’ better though, so I’m generously granting myself permission to use it.

It’s pretty sad when a full-length novel is trimmed down to so little, because the devil’s in the details.  Twenty-five words or less seems to be a recurring theme for the pitch/blurb however.  I also have a hundred word blurb and a hundred word synopsis handy.  The blurb I’ve got here is the crux of the story.  Of course there’s a lot unspoken, but with the above statement, you can easily categorise my project.  What I feel my blurb actually says on my behalf:

My book is paranormal (urban fantasy / vampires).

My book has a strong romantic overtone (love story).

My main character is male.

My main character has discovered knowledge of the supernatural.

My main character is caught in the middle of something bigger than himself (of a political nature)

My main character has to make a life-altering decision.

If my main character chooses love, it implies that it comes at great sacrifice.

Ultimately, in my blurb I’ve categorised my book (paranormal romance), I’ve identified the protagonist (young adult male), I’ve hinted at the external obstacle which he has to overcome (political foes) and the internal battle which he has to resolve (love or immortality).  I think it says a lot really, in twenty-five words.  I’m sure I could do better if I keep playing with it, but for now I’m pretty happy with it.


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