The End Is Nigh

Writing begets writing.

Once you get going, it’s easier to keep the flow.  I’ve got to keep up that momentum and ignore all the little edits I have to make way back in Section One.  I’ve written notes of things I have to fix, but I’m not going back and fixing them because I’ll lose my momentum.  I have to keep writing, or I’ll run out of things to edit.

The book outline has been broken up into seven sections.  Five and a half sections are complete (with a few fixes/edits noted down), and there are only one and a half sections to go.  The ‘half’ will be easy – it’s that final section I have to write which is a long one.  There are a lot of scenes in it, and a lot of information has to come out in it.  I’ve written six scenes, and I need twice that to complete it.  I work on it bits at a time.  Sometimes I’ll work on something else because I’m not in the right mood for the character dynamic.

All the information I want to cover in the remaining scenes has been plotted out.  This helps a great deal.


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