Fifty Ways To Write

Wherever you look there are hints and tips and tricks and cheats how to write creatively.  A lot of them come from established authors, people in the industry who’ve had success with one or two methods.

‘Do this!’ or ‘Don’t do that!’ they say, usually coupled with their name to impress us (the unpublished), and sometimes including a photograph of them looking serious or of them working at their desk.

‘Do as we do, it’ll work for you too,’ comes the unspoken promise.  Sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn’t.  In terms of writing I’ve heard the term quite often: “You’ve got to know the rule in order to break it.”  I know what they mean, but this is only true for those with a learned skill.  There are those who have natural talent, and brilliant instinct for language.  These writers are rare, and enviable.

The most memorable writer’s quote I’ve read is: “Laugh at your own jokes.”  A piece of advice from Neil Gaiman.  Reading between the lines, I get an even simpler message from what he says.

Relax.  Relax and enjoy.

Fifty Writing Tools: Quick List | Poynter.


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