Longhand, Laptops and Apps

I am writing this blog post on my phone. I don’t make a habit of this; it’s the first time I’ve ventured into using apps on my phone to write with. It isn’t easy, since I keep accidentally inserting block quotes and having to delete them. Why am I putting myself through this? Because I’ve noticed more and more people are using their smartphones to post on forums or into their blogs. It’s only taken me a few sentences and already I’m getting the hang of this eensy-weensy keyboard.

In the past when writers had a free moment, or when inspiration struck, we had to pull out a notepad, dig around for a pen and jot our idea down.

About fifteen years ago my husband bought me a handheld cassette player. I was in heaven, I could take talking notes whenever I got an idea and then play it back and type my notes up. For all my enthusiasm, I used it once. I talked into it many times, played it back to myself and typed up everything once. Then I promptly forgot about it.

My PC was my trusty companion mostly. Word was my weapon of choice. I still use it but now there’s my MacBook and the Scrivener program, my iPad and various note taking apps, and now WordPress has made posting to my blog a plausible concept. If only I could stop inserting block quotes I’d have this post finished by now.

Writers are now connected to the world in a way that the likes of William Gibson only imagined about. We have so many different ways and methods and tools at our disposal to share our ideas, opinions and insights. We don’t have to be tethered to a desk to do it. We no longer have to sacrifice going out and living our lives to be able to write. Of course we could always bring a notebook and pencil, but we no longer have to wait for people to be near to share our ideas with them.

It’s a beautiful time for winters, and it’s still evolving. Libraries, bookshops and publishing are going through a massive change, and it’s hard to know when and where we’ll settle. As long as people are still creating art and literature and still being admired, then our civilisation will continue to advance.

As for me, I’m happy to have written a whole paragraph without inserting some weird markup code! I take my successes wherever I can.


2 thoughts on “Longhand, Laptops and Apps

    1. I send text messages on my phone quite a bit, and I think that helped. I didn’t share in this post that halfway through I freaked out because I thought I’d lost it by pressing the wrong button, but the app saved my draft. Phew. I think if I’d lost it at that stage, I would’ve given up.


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