Words are magic. Your magic wand is your keyboard and your spell craft are your fingers flying over it. But words themselves, on their own, don’t require any formation around them, because they are magic. Some words sit blandly, others create entire scenarios and story-making-food in your head. They all have personality, and they all resonate differently to different people. One of those words for me, is ‘foible’.

I don’t know why I thought of the word ‘foible’ in particular. I was in the shower – which is one of those creative hotspots for many people, as is jogging, which I should but don’t do – and I thought of ‘foible’. I immediately pictured a leprechaun by association, could hear him speaking about his foibles.  I looked it up, and the word originated from France.  It’s an extension of ‘feeble’ that mutated into something milder.  Now it’s about a person’s eccentricities or minor weaknesses.  Perhaps there is a relevance to my imaginings, as a leprechaun is an eccentric character, but I assume the definition is figurative.

There is no story-making-food for me in the word foible, because I’m not interested in writing about leprechauns, but it did start me thinking about the imagery of words.  There are lots of words that have become story-making-food, they drum up imagery that lends to plot ideas. There’s a wonderful site I have bookmarked about unusual and uncommonly used words: Luciferous Logolepsy.

So for now I’ll put my leprechaun away and shelve the word ‘foible’ in my head so that it can surprise and delight me another time, and I’ll keep thinking all those weird and wonderful things that illustrate how absolutely I’m a writer.

A leprechaun found me...
A leprechaun found me… (Photo credit: Hada del lago)

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