Baby Steps

It’s been a little over a week since the mammoth task NaNoWriMo has set.  It only took me four days to realise that writing this much was achievable – I certainly can write 50K words in a month (providing I continue as I have so far).  It’s taken me nine days to recognise that my novel is going to need almost twice as many words for the story to be completed.  This is my true goal for November – to finish the book.  The story is falling into place in a way I hadn’t expected but am certainly pleased about.  I’ve had to go back a few times and insert paragraphs here and there to tie in with later information, or as I think of something new.  Did you think authors had all the twisty-turny ideas in mind all along?  The main ones sure, but I’m weaving in clues and hints after the fact for the little surprises.  The clues can’t be too good though, I don’t want to give too many things away.

I’ve twenty thousand words so far and well ahead of the fifteen thousand I need for day nine.  I’m feeling good about that, but I have to continue taking things one day at a time because I’ll get overwhelmed if I don’t.  That’s the secret to producing so much and to reach completion; putting one word after the other, writing a sentence, writing a paragraph, writing a chapter, writing a book.  Baby steps.


2 thoughts on “Baby Steps

  1. Raelene Purtill

    Well done Dee. I feel like I am writing all over the place with unrelated scenes. You’ve done well on your count. Keep it up. Will we see you Tuesday or will you be in ‘evening writer’ mode?


    1. Thank you! I think even writing all over the place is a good thing, providing you’re meeting your goals. I went into NaNoWriMo with the attitude that even if I ‘failed’ with only X number of words under my belt, it was still a win, because it was X words more than I’d had at the beginning of the month.

      I will be at the Strathpine Writers’ Meet on Tuesday. I’ll have to hammer out my quota first thing in the morning – and if I don’t, I’ll end up typing the rest on my laptop in bed. xxx


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