Not My Style

I’ve just discovered that I don’t write what I love.

This is the most shocking revelation to date.  I love gritty, dark science fiction stories set in dystopian worlds, written with a heavy yet picturesque flourish.  However, I tend to write lightly.  My ‘dark’ stories are gritty in concept but not in execution.  I’m not intensely a science fiction writer so much as a science-fantasy writer.  My characters usually struggle with their identity, but not in a manner of crisis.  They’re just trying to fit in.  My dilemmas are based on character attitude.  Internal conflict seems to be my thing.  However, everything is  a shade lighter than the bleakness I wish to portray.  How is this possible?  How am I not writing what I love to read or watch?

I’ve accepted my style–or more importantly, what’s not my style.  I don’t want to emulate other writers.  I don’t want to mirror other stories.  I don’t want to be a poor imitation of somebody else’s voice.

So I don’t write what I love, but at least I love what I write.


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