My Self Publishing Journey: Day 3


I was very lucky to receive an invitation from the Queensland Writers Centre (QWC) to be a beta-tester for a new online course.  The content they’re delivering is extremely relevant to my current decision to self-publish. I’m still reeling from how lucky I am with the timing.  I decide that I would like to personally release Femme and suddenly I have the opportunity (for free!) to learn how to go about it.  I don’t think it’s entirely coincidental – I believe we make our own luck.  If I didn’t invest in QWC membership in the first place by purchasing a Passionate Membership of five years, I wouldn’t have been offered the opportunity.  If I hadn’t been working at my desk writing the book and editing it, I wouldn’t have heard the email come in and put forward my interest in a timely manner.  So this opportunity has come at the cost of investment in both money and time, as almost every opportunity does.

I’ll be learning about e-books in detail now.  Perhaps I could’ve got the information from perusing the web and buying books (which I’m still doing, because it’s good to use multiple resources ).  Regardless, I am extremely grateful to QWC for offering the opportunity in the first place.  Now that I don’t have to scour the web so hard for the same information, I can use that time to search for how to set up the other stuff; my website, transferring this blog to it, setting up an emailer that will send the book to valid email addresses (do bots read books?), and other stuff that traditional publishers could’ve helped me with or done for me.

At least now I’ll become more educated on how to self publish a book.


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