My Self Publishing Journey: Day 9


The nerves are kicking in.  I never assumed it would be easy to self-publish the book, but now as I face the huge task in front of me, it seems an incredible amount of work.  I haven’t even got my manuscript to the stage where my beta-readers are going to read it.  There’s one and a half chapters of writing to go (because of information I skipped while initially writing it and segue scenes having to be added in there), I’m up to editing version five and foresee a sixth before I hand it over.

I’m not filled with doubts at this stage–more thrumming with excitement.  It’s a monumental task but also an adventure.  I can learn a great deal with this process, and I’m still in the same place regarding my decision.  I still feel like I can get a greater value from this manuscript releasing it independantly than seeking out a publisher.  Don’t think that I have doubts about getting it published the traditional way… I have very high expectations of the quality and commercial value of my writing.  Perhaps I’m arrogant, perhaps I’m over-confident, but even though I know this manuscript idea could’ve been better in the hands of a more talented and experienced author, I think my own personal spin and voice on it is still fit for public consumption.  A writer has to have a balanced view when it comes to their own writing; not so blind with confidence that they believe there is no room for improvement or that other’s opinions don’t matter, and not so thin-skinned that they don’t take the next step.  A writer must believe in themselves, but also be realistic about their current limitations.

I say ‘current limitations’ because advancements can be made.  Five years ago I wouldn’t have considered this path.  Ten years ago I was a traditional-publishing snob, with the mistaken opinion that those who published independently did so because their work wasn’t good enough.  The ultimate vanity press.  I’m really excited now that indie publishing has forged and commands a new respect for itself, that many ignorant opinions have been sloughed away by educated articles.  It’s still an evolving industry–digital publishing–and I want to contribute to it.


This is going to be my process over the next week.  I feel like I’m rushing, rushing, rushing in order to get to a place where I can then pause and take stock.  I don’t want to rush the experience of the book release, but I do want to position myself where everything is set up and ready to go.  I predict that the nerves and excitement will reach a crescendo at that point.  For now I still need to put my head down and work, to get this manuscript as polished as possible.  I will be putting out the best product that I can, otherwise I’ll be filled with ‘would’ve’ ‘should’ve’ ‘could’ve’ regret.


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