Day 11: Serial Offender


So I want to release Femme in serialised form; a chapter a day, because they’re short chapters.  I have twenty-nine chapters but I might only release half of the book this way before putting the whole book out.  I’m still in two minds whether or not I want to keep it absolutely free all the way, or charge a nominal fee.  Price is the last thing on my agenda, because this is an exercise of self-promotion.  There have been costs involved – though minimal, and I’m considering those costs to be an investment in myself.


I keep telling myself it’s not about the money… though money is a way of measuring value.  If I want to know if Femme is genuinely worth something to my potential readers, then shouldn’t I charge something?  Isn’t that the difference between ‘you go, girl!’ and ‘I’m going to spend my hard-earned money on your work’?

Nothing will change my mind about the first half of the book – that will be free.  But the rest?  I’ve got at least two months to think about it.


2 thoughts on “Day 11: Serial Offender

  1. You could try and different route. Send out a few chapters to popular bloggers who share you interests and see if they will promote it on their blogs for you. That way you could reach a wider audience and you may also get some feedback from the audience you’re trying to reach.


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