Day 13: Facepalm

I’ve forgotten to include a chapter I’d intended to write, where my protagonist suffers quite an uncomfortable situation.  A whole chapter!  At least I know how the oversight occurred.

I normally write brief chapter outlines (or dot points of what I need/want to include) so I can see the flow and direction of the manuscript.  I didn’t do it for Femme because I wanted to experience the intensity and spontaneity of NaNoWriMo.  However, I had a strong idea about the story, with a firm understanding of setting, my main character, the beginning and the end.  As I wrote, I foreshadowed a very specific event.  I referred to it a couple of times–just enough to make it subtly important, because that’s the nature of the scene.  Subtly important.

Then I clean forgot about it, and merrily wrote my way to the end.

Guess I have more work to do.  I’m experiencing mixed emotions about this; I’m annoyed at myself for forgetting an important scene and I’m also excited about writing it.


One thought on “Day 13: Facepalm

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