Day 20: Hurry Up And Wait

Let me begin by quoting a tweet by S. R. Johannes:

“3 things that hold indie authors back (in my humble opinion) – bad cover, bad editing and a rush to market”

The saying “hurry up and wait” is an inside joke of the publishing world.  I’ve read a few reinterpretations recently but it’s been used by traditional publishers for a very long time.  The sentiment behind it is about the long wait after a manuscript is accepted.  There is a lot of work behind the scenes before a book is released, the kind I’m really starting to appreciate.

Even though I’m aiming to have everything ready for release by April this year, I’m going to make myself take the time to properly develop a strategy for release.  Once this book is out, that’s it, no more, I can’t do anything else, the ride has begun.  There are no ‘take backsies’.  I am a terribly spontaneous person.  I jump in feet first, sometimes even head first.  I have to be more measured and combat my personality with my business brain.

So I’m thinking of ways to drum up a bit of interest.  I look at television and movies, what are they doing?  They release posters, teasers and trailers with either ‘coming soon’ (which I dislike) or a date in the future to look forward to (which works on me).  I don’t have the ability or the means to make a quality trailer, but with my graphic artist background I can certainly design professional posters with teaser lines or memes promoting some of my narrative on it, to pique the interest of potential readers.  Within those readers, I am looking for my thousand true fans:

“A creator, such as an artist, musician, photographer, craftsperson, performer, animator, designer, videomaker, or author – in other words, anyone producing works of art – needs to acquire only 1,000 True Fans to make a living.”

In essence, the more people I reach with Femme, the higher my likelihood of acquiring some of these fans.  I know that I’ve been fans of authors, musicians and actors enough to buy/watch everything they do and champion their work to others.  It would be wonderful to find someone to do that for me.

I’m also going to follow the advice of the folks at Indie Book Promo on their blog with their four items to building an author platform.

1. An author website
I’m about to acquire one and will be using Squarespace.  Everything is template ready for drag and drop and it will take very little effort to get me up and running.  Their costs are reasonable, I get my own domain with them, they host my site, their support network looks strong, their design templates are beautiful and crisp, they have both blog and store functionality.  I’m mostly using them for the convenience/ease.  I’ll wait until the very last minute before moving this blog over to it though, because WordPress has an amazing network.

2. A Facebook page for either your book or yourself as an author
My author page features free digital book promotions when I come across them (and consider them a good quality), as well as the odd meme/quotation.  Many thanks in advance for those already following me on Facebook (and thanks for those who eventually choose to do so 🙂

3. A twitter account
Yes, I’m on there also @strangewriter42  I currently have 42 followers, which is gorgeous! Feel free to follow me – you’ll get the odd update about space, steampunk and art, or retweets about writing.

4. A Goodreads author account
I’m currently looking into this, because I’m not sure how an author account is different to a regular account, which is what I have.

So hurry up and wait, because I’ve got a lot of work to do.


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