First Page Friday #22: NA Fantasy

I have learned a great deal from the critiques Ellen gives in her First Page Friday special blog posts. An unpublished writer gets professional feedback on their work for free and you can see the thought process behind each comment. You can even vote on the story.

Unfortunately Ellen has had very light response and is considering removing this feature because it’s not reaching enough writers. Please show your support to an editor helping writers FOR FREE and mosey on over there and make some noise in the form of comments, shares or likes.

Today I am participating in a self-editing and critiquing workshop hosted by QWC (Queensland Writers Centre) with my dear friend and co-author. Critiquing takes work and a great deal of thought. It’s very hard to find someone who will give an honest opinion, harder still to find professionals who don’t charge for it.

Ellen Brock

I just want to let everyone know that I’m uncertain whether I will be continuing with First Page Friday. I will definitely continue until I get through all the writers I’ve already scheduled (about two months worth), but I may retire First Page Friday in May. While I love doing the posts, I wanted them to be a way to reach out and help educate writers, but the view count on these posts is a small fraction of the views on my other blogs or on my videos. I’m just not sure this is the best way to reach writers.

If views, shares, comments, etc. pick up over the next couple months, I might consider continuing the series, but otherwise, I will go back to my standard, educational blog posts. Thanks for understanding!

About First Page Friday

First Page Friday is a blog series where I provide a free edit…

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