Day 27: Chapter Insertion & Resistance

On Day 13 I wrote a post about my discovery of a forgotten scene I’d foreshadowed.  Two weeks later and I’ve finally written it.  For all the stalling and fooling around with other things, I ended up giving myself a stern talking to, sat myself down and wrote it.  It took me two days (about four hours if I’d written it in one sitting).

It’s HARD to go back and insert a scene, because of the lost momentum.  The longer I wait, the trickier it is to capture the feel of the scene I want to create.  It’s so easy to put something off.  I couldn’t put this off, not when I’m starting to line edit.  Structural editing might be able to live with notes such as (“THIS and THIS HAPPENS HERE”) but line editing?  No sir.  When every sentence starts to be scrutinised, shorthand notes don’t pass.  Chapter Eighteen (the inserted one) was a long way off but that’s no excuse.

The wonderful thing about writing out chapter eighteen was the momentum I regained.  Once I completed that I looked at my final chapter (of which I had two because I had two endings, a happy one and a not-so-happy one).  I had trouble deciding how it was going to end but the writing put me in a place I was able to easily decide and I wrote some more detail for it.  So not only did I insert a chapter but I managed to finalise the ending.  If someone calls it predictable I’ll just show them the other ending.  Ha.

Learn from my mistake: don’t put off the writing that needs to be done.  The longer you wait, the harder it is to go back.  It also weighs you down.  Procrastination is the serious writer’s enemy.

For those who struggle with procrastination, I recommend you get and read The War of Art by Steven Pressfield.  It’s an eye-opener and helped me get my attitude on straight.  Here’s a quickie article to give you an idea about it.


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