Kindle Worlds, taking fanfiction to a new level.

Have you heard about Kindle Worlds? You can sell your fanfiction through it. Read this review/debate on Mike’s blog… an interesting proposition! I’ll be keeping an eye on how this develops.

Random Thoughts

A lot of has been written about fanfiction and lines have been drawn. Even top tier writers like George RR Martin and Lev Grossman have thrown in their two cents on the matter (George famously against, Lev in favor). I know the world is waiting to hear from me on this matter, so here is my stand… let the reader decide.

book_of_fantasyI think it is funny that publishers and writers feel they can tell readers what’s suitable to read. I think if someone wants to write a story and someone wants to read it, it should be written. Yes, there are some topics I think takes a very deranged mind to write and a sicker mind to enjoy reading, so I ignore them and hope they will go away. What I want to talk about today is fanfiction.

I have never written fanfiction before, I have only read a little…

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