Day 39: MailChimp, Squarespace and Deadlines

MailChimp & Squarespace Logos
The MailChimp & Squarespace Logos

is free email management software.  Squarespace is a paid website software, domain and hosting service.  The two of them talk to each other.

It’s supposed to be really easy to insert.  It looks easy in the promotional video.  It even looks easy when I play with it.  All I do is click on the little + button in Squarespace, choose to insert a form and then choose the MailChimp storage option.  I can then send my subscriber the serialised version of Femme, sent automatically without me touching it further beyond the initial setup.

To quote Doge:  Wow. Such technology.  Amaze.  (If you don’t know who Doge is, I admire your tenacity).

The problem is the website is taking more time setting up than I intended to spend.  I never set myself a deadline though, and I believe that’s where the biggest problem lies.  I was hoping to release the website before Femme was released, so that I could launch it on the website itself.  I believe I’m being premature, as I haven’t completed the manuscript line edit yet.  I need to set myself realistic deadlines or I’m just going to meandre along thinking I’m making headway with nothing to measure myself against.  Perhaps this is also the reason why I’ve been feeling overwhelmed lately… I feel as though I’m spinning my wheels and I absolutely can’t be, because I’m working a lot.  I’m actually doing a little bit of work across the board, rather than completing one job at a time.  The necessity of multi-tasking cannot be avoided.

So here are my deadlines, published on the understanding that these are not official, but I’m going to consider them inflexible otherwise I’ll just keep moving the line that I’ve drawn in the sand.

  1. 28 March – Complete line edit
  2. 30 March – Complete reading (by me) and send to my beta readers in preferred format.
  3. Between 30 March and 21st April – complete and launch website.
  4. 21st April – Beta readers to return manuscript and give feedback (I know three out of five will read the whole thing inside that date).
  5. 30 April – Rewrite complete, requiring the final editor’s stage
  6. 16 May – Polished manuscript ready for release.
  7. 30 May – Launch of Femme chapter serials. (Day 112)

I feel these deadlines are workable, with enough time and space alloted for a comfortable, un-rushed release.  I’m on Day 39 of my indie journey and I feel as though I know and understand all of the processes involved.  I have plans for each stage and now I have dates to work towards them.  It’s been real for a long time, but now it feels concrete.

There are many notes I’ve taken for after the launch, as this will requires just as much work, though it will be a different journey.  I don’t think I’ll have a problem finding opportunities.  Just because I’m an introvert doesn’t mean I’m incapable of performing extroverted tasks.

But I’ll broach that in May, as the launch date looms.


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