Day 57: Out Of My Hands

Fly, my lovely manuscript, fly free!

Yesterday I completed the line edit.  There was such a blissful feeling of completion that came with it that surprised me, because I know there will be more work facing me once I get feedback.  Still, I’m not going to wish this emotion away, it’s too wonderful.

After I’d finished writing, I had to compile Femme into various formats so I could send it to the different readers.  I also printed out a hard copy as well, as one of my readers likes to use pen.  The print copy was the quickest and easiest for me to arrange.  Surprise!

Scrivener, I love you, but I was tearing my hair out trying to figure out why the Table of Contents didn’t work and why everything looked so plain.  In the end I threw my chapters into Pressbooks because it can compile three formats at once (ePub, mobi and PDF) and with a pretty theme that I can select with a single click.  I got results with a lot less headache.  I still had a few teething problems because I hadn’t bothered to double-check where my information was coming from, so I managed to make a file with duplicate title pages (i.e., copyright pages) and a weirdly formatted dedication.  Oops.  The good news is, once the reader swiped past all that peculiar stuff, they would find a nicely-formatted story with correct chapter headings and numbers along with a working table of contents.

Since then I’ve worked out how to style a book prettily using Scrivener (thanks to this blog article – I think the blog has retired, as the last post is in November last year, but there’s a LOT of great information still available there) and also have a safety net because Scrivener’s supporting how-to’s are the awesome.  I won’t be blogging about that, but I will post up my resource links to everything that helped me.

Even though I’d missed my deadline to have my manuscript sent to my beta-readers by four days, I still have a comfortable cushion before the May 30 release.  I’m on track… and I’m excited.

At the moment I’m busy working on my website and my newsletter.  I’m also writing some short stories and fixing up others to give away some freebies to my website visitors while they wait patiently for my book.  I have a novella I’m working on, and I’ve also got my paranormal romance still waiting in the wings, which will be next in line for a lot of attention since I plan for a December release… but more on that later.

I estimate I have about three weeks to get my website up and running before I can expect my readers to start handing back their reviews.

I can feel the change in the air… and it’s electric.


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