Day 67: Elusive Story

I’m writing a short story starring one of my Femme characters but I’m facing a dilemma; how much do I want to give away? The novel is a discovery of the world through my main character’s Kaley’s viewpoint so will it matter if I show other parts of the world that are not featured in the novel? I don’t think it matters but the first impression of Femme will be lost from Kaley’s eyes.

So why am I writing this in the first place? Because I don’t have any prequels, any introduction to the bigger story that Femme is a part of. I want to give readers a sneak preview or a taste of what Femme is all about, as well as the greater Wanderer of Worlds story that Femme is a portion of. Plus I’ll be pricing the novel at $2.99 so how about I introduce myself and my world with a complete picture? I feel that I will be pinpointing my target readers a little better this way… If the short story doesn’t appeal, then the book certainly won’t. I don’t want unhappy readers, I want my target reader and someone who will be pleased with the kind of stories that I want to write (and will write).

So another reason why I’m writing a short story relevant to Femme is to actively turn away readers while inviting others. I don’t have a story for general consumption.

My perfect reader is a woman who enjoys light scifi with a touch of romance in the new adult (18-25) bracket. Very specific, isn’t it? That doesn’t mean men won’t enjoy it. That doesn’t mean older or younger readers won’t be fans. Wanderer of Worlds is a broader, darker tale, but those readers who liked Femme should scuttle over without issue. So my story has to be written for that specific target reader as well.

No pressure (except I can feel it now).


7 thoughts on “Day 67: Elusive Story

  1. Novels are hard to do, the first thing you might want to do is have an engaging first chapter or prologue. Have a complete backstory written for the character/characters so you can slowly introduce the backstory through flashbacks or dream sequences. Take a look a my blog entitled “ECHO”. Maybe that might help. You also want your character to have quirks, make them their own selves and not just a blank character. Well I hope this helped. I try 🙂


    1. Hi Joel, thanks for your suggestions, they’re all great ones! I apologise that I wasn’t clear in my blog post – you’ve picked up a mistake I’ve made: I’m relying on previous posts to better explain why this short story is a dilemma for me.

      As a catchup: The novel I’m talking about in this post (Femme) is already written and on track to be released 30 May (next month). The short story that eludes me presently is something extra that I want to offer.


      1. sorry, i just got a wordpress yesterday. I tried at least though, maybe you could check out some of my posts. I have a few, a chapter from a fantasy book i am writing called ‘ECHO’ and ‘STIGMA CHAPTER ONE’ I also have a poem called ‘WINTER DRIVE’ check them out if you have the time. I’m glad you’re doing good and i would love to check out Femme a lot! Congratulations, follow my blogs if you’d like. Thanks a lot!


        1. Thank you so much for commenting, don’t let me discourage you, it’s all good. You’ve helped me find a way to make better blog posts – I haven’t been on WordPress a year yet, so I still consider myself a newbie. I followed your link and am now following your blog. We shall discuss and learn and grow together 🙂


        2. 🙂 lol. Thank you so very much, hope we can enjoy each other’s writings and exchange feedback maybe on and off this site. I hope you enjoy my reading and can give me some advice. I’m so new to this site that i think it will take me some time to figure things out lol.


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