Day 73: Two Days Off



Hope all of you had a more productive Easter than I did.

Over Easter Sunday and Monday I did no writing or editing (by choice).  I thought about some stories and I might’ve poked at my website with a stick, but that was about it.  I very much enjoyed those days and spent them in a mixture of family time and wasting my days playing Civilization V.

Gosh I feel relaxed.

I’ve decided to ‘cheat’ learning how to format the ebook via Scrivener and just use Pressbooks this time around, to give myself less of a headache while I initiate the business-y side of things.  This is where the writer hat comes off and the publisher one is put on.  Even though the idea of marketing and promotions gives me a thrill, all the administrative paperwork stuff is yucky and boring.  I’ve got about ten days to get that stuff out of the way so I can focus on the novel’s final edit once I get that back.

Cross fingers.


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