Day 82: Government Grants

There are many different kinds of Queensland Government Grants available for literature. Presently I’m not eligible for any because I haven’t released a book yet.  There is one grant I’ll be working towards and applying for once Femme has been released and I manage to meet expectations on its behalf. This is the ‘New Work – Digital and New Media‘ grant. To be eligible, I must meet the general requirements (basic, common sense things such as living in the state of Queensland) as well as meeting specific grant requirements. There is a section in the grant about self publishing, and I quote:

Self-published work 
Self-published works are accepted as evidence of eligibility if the applicant can provide evidence of national distribution, i.e. distribution in all states and territories or via a website and at least one substantial critical review of the work in an established literary journal or nationally distributed magazine or major newspaper.

This means that I can apply for my second book as long as I can show that Femme is available on a website (I’m fairly sure will be applicable), and I get the book reviewed in a major newspaper.  Local papers would be a lot easier, this national paper or established literary journal thing will be a feat.  If I manage to do that, then filling out a grant application form should be a piece of cake.  Getting the grant is no guarantee of course but at this stage I would be happy just to be able to apply for it.  Technically, because I’m also an independent publisher, I can also look at small business grants.

I recommend to all serious writers to at least research what grants are available to you and decide from there whether or not to apply (if eligible).


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