Day 87: Branding and Introspect


Branding is important to me as a writer as it helps to identify what kind of stories I create and hopefully makes it easier for my readers to find me. A couple of weeks ago I gave the concept some thought and figured I could identify myself and my writing with ‘a kaleidoscope of worlds’ because it touched on the fantasy facet as well as implying that there were more genres behind me. This is true enough, but it doesn’t really say a lot about the kind of writer I am, or the kind of stories you can find in my portfolio (once I get around to formatting all those little buggers and putting them up on my website), or the kind of reader I should attract.

I had a talk with my co-writer Linda who is exceptional at identifying my style of fiction. I’d changed my ‘kaleidoscope of worlds’ to a ‘crescendo in fiction’. Linda made many valid points about why a crescendo wouldn’t work for me the way I wanted to use it. Then she neatly summed up what I do in all my stories by pointing out that I hide all my clues in plain sight.  I was told that I reveal the information very early  and provide multiple clues throughout but because my character doesn’t notice or acknowledge it, neither does the reader.  I was surprised; have I done that for every single one of my stories? Surprisingly, yes, and now I can see it too.  My characters are flawed and I let the reader see the flaw but I don’t let the reader see how the flaw impacts the story until the end.

Try branding THAT.


2 thoughts on “Day 87: Branding and Introspect

  1. raelenepurtill

    Hi Dee. I’ve signed up for a QWC seminar on this very topic. Author branding is on June 14th. I too am trying to balance how I see myself with how readers and followers see me.


    1. Thank you so much for pointing that out. I’ve bought myself a ticket and will catch up with you there. Branding is doubly difficult; first you have to identify what you bring to your readers in your story and then you have to try and encapsulate that.


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