Day 99: Published


I couldn’t wait.  Don’t look so surprised.

Special stuff is still going to happen on 30 May, so bear with me!

Typical me; I blog about deliberation, I talk about biding my time and exploring all avenues, I vow that I will not be spontaneous.

The difference between my rushing ahead this time and every other hasty decision I’ve made in my past is that I actually did think about this one.  I consulted with a couple of people that are dear to me and whose opinions I trust.  My husband, my sometimes co-writer, my fellow critique partner.  All three asked me: are you happy with it? And yes, yes I am.  Not only that, but there were benefits to rushing ahead and none for waiting (as far as I can see).

1. My marketing plan

I’ve read many articles that speak about the work you do pre-launch, to build anticipation and interest.  Well, I’m not an established author so my pre-release doesn’t carry any weight with anyone.  To think it does would be an exercise in hubris.  There’s nothing I can’t do in my marketing strategy with the book already out (in fact, it frees up more opportunities) than if I was pre-release.  I believe the point of pre-release marketing is to do all this stuff BEFORE the book is ready to come out, rather than merely waiting to release it.  I was already busy creating/editing/formatting/building everything – there was only one thing holding me back from release.  The website.  Once that was up, tested, working and launched, there was no need to wait further.  I had a landing pad.  I had a sign-up page.  I had story files (though not as many as I initially wanted). I had it all waiting there, ready to be used.

2. Current Opportunities

Because I’m in Australia and I’m printing through CreateSpace (thanks to them, I can offer Print-On-Demand paperbacks), if I want copies for myself to sell, I need to assign enough time for printing and then shipping. There’s an event coming up for local authors to flog their wares, on June 28.  If I didn’t order my books this week, I’d potentially not get them in time (allowing for a longer than expected print run and also customs headaches, I have a three week cushion now).  Okay, I might’ve got these books in time, but I’d rather not stress about it.

3. Goodreads

The sooner I have the book out, the sooner I can create my author account and start building on my author platform.  It’s just another avenue with which to tell people HERE I AM!  The more I have, the better.  Goodreads is awesome though; a place for serious book lovers.

So yes, I’ve released Femme – you will be able to buy it from Amazon very soon.  Of course I will link it here, but even though my indie-publishing journey has come to an end regarding the process of creating the book, it’s what you do AFTER the book comes out where a lot of authors hit a wall.  I will continue to post about my indie-publishing journey, and I’ll write about anything I discover (especially if I missed it!) that you can catch when it’s your turn, or hopefully give you an idea and make it easy (or less daunting).

I’ll detail the process of applying through Amazon soon – I’m somewhat exhausted from reading all the different Terms and Conditions involved.

Yep, I actually read the small print.  Now you can look surprised.


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