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slqI deposited my novel with the State Library of Queensland today.  They explain what is required of you and once you scroll down to the bottom of the webpage, there’s a link to deposit your eBook online.  I was pleased to simply upload the file and it was done – hey presto.  The library wanted a PDF version so I made sure that my PDF contained the ISBN within it.  I was surprised that they preferred a digital edition over the paperback edition, but I guess everyone needs space.  It certainly makes things easier at my end, and cheaper too!

Don’t forget to lodge your novel with your state (or country’s) library – it’s usually a legal requirement and at the very least, a lovely idea for our culture to collect all writings.



5 thoughts on “State Library

    1. Yes. I think it’s a little-known fact because traditional publishers just send off a copy and don’t bother to tell the author – it’s all part of the service. It’s the indie/self publishers who miss out on this little facet of information. I know you’re obliged to send a copy to the state libraries within Australia, and it’s required in NZ too, but I’m not sure about other countries. I suspect they have the same idea?


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