Free Book – Femme: A Wanderer of Worlds Novel

Femme333x500Now that you’ve followed the progress of my novel Femme, perhaps you’d like to read it. For free! Femme is currently available for download on my website for one week only – to those who have supported me in the early stages: family, friends, blog followers and social media likers.  If you would like to support me further, you can share the news with everyone you know – especially if you know people who read sci-fi, fantasy or romance, or who would like to read about a world controlled by women! (It’s not all chocolate and roses).

Femme‘s download page:

SecondLife333x500_3I’m also going to shamelessly promote my newsletter in this paragraph, for those who want free fiction. On the Femme download page, there will be a little form box where you can plug in your email.  That’s for my personal newsletter. You don’t have to subscribe to get access to a lot of my fiction, but those who do will be alerted when I upload something new.

I plan on rotating my free fiction on a monthly basis, so that stories are only on the website for a month or two. The newsletter will tell you which stories are available with a short description and a link to the download page.  There will also be events listed (should they come along). All newsletter subscribers will also receive a special link where to download Second Life, my sci-fi mystery novella, for free (which will be released at the end of June).


2 thoughts on “Free Book – Femme: A Wanderer of Worlds Novel

  1. Interesting, Delia!

    I just got done reading your first chapter of Femme. You write well, moving the story along without a bunch of superfluous descriptions of what your characters are wearing or their entire life histories all at once. This seems to be the case with some authors, who write into the story so many adjectives, adverbs and extensive descriptions, that one must reread the paragraph in order to pick up the action again.

    In all honesty though, your initial description of the story gives me, as a man, the idea that I’m going to be reading every feminist’s wet dream, making me afraid that the experience will be like sitting hog-tied through a chick-flick. Is this a story written with women in mind? Tell me it’s not so–that way I can buy and download the rest of the book.

    Thanks for the following, although I haven’t really written a new blog for some time now.


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    1. Hi Manfred, thank you so much for commenting and for asking your question. Women are my target audience BUT not in a feminist or political manner (technically speaking, every soft sci-fi reader is my target audience but I can’t paint so broadly).

      It’s a simple story set in a complicated world, with benefits and liabilities specific to that world as you will find in every culture. With Kaley, you will discover the world of Femme but it’s more about Kaley’s journey than the world itself. Femme is just a story, written lightly and without agenda. 🙂

      Also, if you notice on Amazon and Goodreads, men have read and reviewed it positively.


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