Promotional Ideas – Book Review #1

I’ve bought a few of the ‘promotions ideas’ books to help me navigate around the net.  I have three to review, so more reviews on these kinds of books are coming in subsequent posts.


The Author Publicity Pack: Resources To Help You Take Your Book Market 

Cost $2.99 on Amazon

The introduction says it best on one line, about four paragraphs down: “This book outlines over 750 places that authors can get publicity for themselves and their books.”

Essentially this book is a comprehensive list of places you can promote your novel.  This is a quick and dirty start to finding locations to promote your book.  This is nothing that you can’t find yourself by investing a little bit of time, but as they say, time is money and I believe this is well worth the three dollars spent.  It saves me from poring over the internet and using hit-and-miss keywords while losing days and days of potential writing time.


  1. A great starting point for anybody looking for a list of sites to promote your book
  2. A nicely presented table of contents that you can focus on where to post your Press Releases, request Book Reviews, who’s giving out Book Awards and so forth
  3. Clickable links that take you directly to the site, and most links have a small description
  4. Saves you the time looking for these sites yourself
  5. If you write Christian related books, you have an extra bonus of specialised links for your genre – as the authors have released many Christian titles and therefore have more links and knowledge of where to promote.


  1. Each edition will date quickly.  I have the second edition, released on December 2013.  I like that the authors are very clear about the dates of their edition – they’re conscious that their book will date thanks to the fickle quality of the internet.  Hopefully they’ll keep releasing new editions.
  2. Anybody that doesn’t dabble in the Christian related genre won’t get the full value of this book, as there are around 100 links that won’t have much use.



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