60,000 Words


campnanoI’ve signed up for Camp NaNoWriMo and have pledged 60,000 words for the month of July.  Two days in and I’ve met the (almost) 2K words a day quota, but will probably be up late getting this one done.  As soon as the school holidays are over I think I’ll have an easier time, as I won’t be interrupted every five minutes.

I am fortunate to be able to write the instant I sit down at my desk.  I can read the previous couple of paragraphs and then continue on.  Hemingway suggested that you don’t write to a natural ending of the scene, that a writer should leave it when there is still something more left to say, and that helped his flow.  It makes sense and in a way I suppose I’m doing that.

There’s a difference to these 60,000 words than to the last 50,000 I wrote in November–during the ‘real’ NaNoWriMo, I ‘pantsed’ it.  I had the storyline arc in my head but I hadn’t plotted out each scene.  This particular project that I’m using the Camp for has been plotted out.  I don’t need inspiration to strike to know what I’m going to work on next, I have a very complex outline already.  It’s all grunt work.  There’s creativity as well of course, but mostly grunt.  The book is already written in my head, I’m just copying it down.

Ahh, if only it was so easy.

So yes, I’ve been a bit quiet lately and I do apologise for that, but I’ve been typing away.  With a December release planned and five more books in the follow-up (plus the fact I hate, hate, hate waiting for series books to come out), I want to get them out as quickly as I can.

Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “60,000 Words

    1. Thank you! Camp Nano is a great way to get started on a big project I find (though I’ve already written some scenes beforehand I’m not counting those in the word count). If you’re already busy with your writing, then you’re doing well without it! Kudos! There’s always the November ‘real’ NaNoWriMo if you finish your projects by that time.


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