Let There Be Song

fantasymusicI don’t listen to music usually when I write but I used to.  Everytime I hear Crystal Method’s Trip Like I Do (Link on YouTube) I think of my YA Fantasy 13th Soul*.  There are Chemical Brothers and Daft Punk songs that recalls a few more memories of stories for me, but I have to say that Enya is the one that really gets my creativity going**.  When I was writing with music, I found that lyrics muddled my perception of the music. Unless I found the song after the story and the lyrics suited, then I could use it (but they were rare finds, though Muse often came close, with UnoCave and Unintended▲).

What I do now is if I end up listening to a song and enjoying the ambience of it, I’ll use that feeling or impression to write something that belongs with it.

I only learned today that I can get albums with relevant themes to them; like “Science Fiction Songs” or “Fantasy Songs” by BrunuhVille.  I might invest in one of those albums and see if I can return to my old habit of writing with music.


* I’d written half of this book in my twenties and it’s full of cringe-worthy mistakes because I hadn’t taken any writer’s-craft courses at that stage, but the story concept is still original and valid and the world is in-depth enough that I can continue to write in it… but it’s been shelved for an indeterminate time.

** Boadicea either suits or has inspired three different works of fiction of mine: Femme, The Song (scroll down the linked page to read this story), and Second Life

 The Unintended Music Video on YouTube is pretty trippy.


2 thoughts on “Let There Be Song

  1. Hi Delia–

    Over the years, a friend who I met online and I have been collaborating on writing an ongoing story (erotica, but with a serious story attached) for our eyes only. She would write 10-30 pages and then I would write 10-30 pages before I handed the story back to her. Since our story takes place in the 18th century, we often listen to related music, such as neo-renaissance, while each of us writes.

    However, we have gone one better yet. From the start, we started including relevant pictures between the paragraphs, which we pasted in a Word doc and as of about a year ago, we’ve also added Youtube song links, also loosely relevant, or at least reflecting the time period.

    She and I have been pasting our pictures and links into our story and then clinking on the music link, just above the section that the music is intended to highlight when we get to that part.

    However. I was never happy with the appearance of the plain white Word doc, or the irrelevance of the visuals of someone’s Youtube video to our story, so for the final chapter of our story, I am going to present to her the story written on a closed WordPress site–dark decorative background, pictures embedded–and hopefully, the new songs, which I have uploaded onto another site, embedded in the story also.(Still working on the details.)

    What I’m doing with the last part of this story made me wonder about the viability of adding music to electronic books at strategic points, if is this is something that could possibly catch on at some point. Of course, there would be all sorts of copyright issues and such, but I’m sure they too could be resolved.


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    1. Hi Manfred, sorry I didn’t reply to this comment sooner. The process you have with your co-author sounds incredibly similar to how I used to write with mine. We’ve changed tactics now, but it’s fantastic to hear your experience. We didn’t write with music playing though sometimes she’d have the radio on (which was more a distraction than a mood thing).

      How interesting that you’ve incorporated music into your book. I dare say it will catch on as many companies who create ebooks and book apps are doing it now with page-turns as the prompt to change the music, so there’s a full score present as you read. I imagine highlighting words to start playing music is another technique, but it’s begun.

      What a wonderful project you’re creating for your co-writer… It sounds a wonderful idea and I’m sure she’ll love it. 😀

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