Scrivener Blows My Mind


I’m editing this post because it sounded like a freaking advertisement.

Basically, I found an awesome Scrivener tutorial site that I paid money for and am getting a hella-lot-of-value out of. Check it out, it’s called Learn Scrivener Fast and I swear by it. If you end up buying one of the tutorials too, I’m absolutely positive you’ll love it and love me for pointing it out to you.



2 thoughts on “Scrivener Blows My Mind

  1. Hey, Dee Aren’t these tutorials amazing. I love them. I was addicted and have reached a level that helps me tremendously in organisation and productivity. Kudos for teaching yourself. I never could have done it without @ScrivenerCoach. If you have bought the Ninja version, you can join the Facebook group which has lots of interactions. Happy Writing.

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    1. Yes, I’ve just discovered the Facebook group for Ninja members. Self-teaching only gets you so far though… I was “making do” rather than working efficiently. I’m still working through the tutorials, but can’t get over how much I’ve learned just doing stage one. 😀


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