The Indie Advantage

A very good post on the benefits and drawbacks of self-publishing in general. If you’ve been tossing around the idea of whether or not to self-publish, the points made here might tip your decision one way or the other.


Genre Pics


In many ways, self-published authors have an advantage.

The benefits of self-publishing are there for the taking. Not everyone is taking them. And just because they are there, it doesn’t mean they can be taken without much effort.

If you elect to self-publish, you need to understand the benefits—and the drawbacks—in order to take full advantage of what it has to offer.


The success of many traditionally published books hinges upon building great buzz and launching the book with a bang. This may entail going on book tours, sending out advance review copies, paid advertisements, stimulating pre-order sales, book signings, readings, or book launch parties, for example. The buzz-building promotional plan itself goes beyond just getting early sales momentum: It can affect bookstore and library orders (and placement within the stores), coverage in high-profile reviews, and prospects for high-profile appearances. Traditional publishers print thousands of copies…

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