TSP: Antonya Nelson’s Ten Writing Rules

TSP: Antonya Nelson’s Ten Writing Rules.

A thoughtful and inspiring compilation of guidelines for the ordinary writer learning how to master their craft.

(I personally don’t agree with number eight but the point made is well conceived).


4 thoughts on “TSP: Antonya Nelson’s Ten Writing Rules

  1. Haha aww, I’m an outlier with this one – I find some validity with #8. Of course, making a habit of doing all that other stuff rather than actually writing is troublesome, but in small doses it can help. Things I know from experience. :] But, you know, by default, those kinds of things are naturally inspiring to my anyway…


    1. Yes, I agree that doing other things is necessary for creative flow and mental sanity… but I got the impression that she meant bigger, longer breaks. At some stage your writing project will feel like work or you will hate it or you will get a new idea for a different story. Being tolerant of doing something else when you don’t feel like pushing through it strikes me as developing bad work habits. I do get that she’s saying that everything you do can relate back to writing but is it okay that you’re not writing as long as you’re thinking like a writer? I call that daydreaming. It’s impossible to get into the writing ‘zone’ when you’re not writing.


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