A Shifted Vision

For those who’ve visited previously, you’ll notice I’ve changed the look of my blog. I loved it, but customising the theme was costing me money that could go towards other things… like a short story collection that’ll be released next month!

Here’s a preview of the cover…  What do you think?



10 thoughts on “A Shifted Vision

      1. I know how that is… I’m overly critical of my fiction, but I tend to have a ‘that’s good enough’ attitude to everything else in my life. I would say it’s because I care a great deal about the quality of my writing.

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  1. I like the cover – good striking image and clear title. The only thing I’m a bit unsure about is the font you’ve used for your name – it doesn’t look very sci-fi-ish (that’s a technical term) and therefore doesn’t really fit in my view, and also the colour means it doesn’t stand out much from the background.


    1. Yes, you’re right about the font of my name not being sci-fi-ish (a technical term I know well and use often). The font is one of my ‘default’ fonts, (I use it on all my promo material–website, cards, pamphlets). I used it because a sans serif font looked blah beneath the title and I can’t mix sans serif and serif without it looking amateurish. It either needed nothing at all or something very different.

      What do you mean by: “doesn’t really fit in my view”? As in, your impression of what sci-fi should look like? Or you skipped over it as part of the design rather than an actual name? I did some glance tests and I found I looked from the title to the man, or the man to the title and didn’t even notice my name… but therein lies my dilemma. Do I really want my name to compete when it’s not a selling point? I might write a blog post about that… 😉

      I’m one of those readers who never remember who wrote a book unless I was really moved by it and specifically want more from the author… in which case I actively look for the author’s name on the cover.

      You’ve made some really good points, thank you. It’s this kind of feedback that helps me. The cover isn’t finalised yet, so I can always change it up.


      1. By ‘doesn’t fit’ I just meant ‘not very sci-fi-ish’. But if you’ve used that font on your promo material then I guess that’s a reason for using it here. As for your name not showing up very well and whether that matters if you’re not well known – well that’s an interesting topic, and yes would make a good blog post! I always assumed it didn’t matter, but I read somewhere that the author’s name should never be made too insignificant even if they’re not famous. Can’t remember the reasoning, but I think it might have been something to do with not coming across as too apologetic and not looking too self-published. Of course, making the name too big would be a mistake too, which some self-published authors do try, as if they are famous, and that comes across a bit silly.

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      2. About a smaller name being ‘apologetic’, that’s an interesting psychology that I hadn’t considered but sounds logical (psychology = logical? you can tell I’m a scifi author). I might hunt down some info about that, thanks for explaining further. I’ve seen the HUGE author names on book covers and if it’s incorporated into the title (i.e., done well), I think an lesser known author could get away with it. Self publishing is good business for midlist authors, and there’s a lot of midlist authors that sell heaps that I’ve never heard of but their fanbase is big enough to support them fulltime. I still wouldn’t do that for myself unless I was a bestseller… and I mean a real bestseller, not those bizarre claims that seem to be on everybody’s cover. Is that a running joke now, or what? 😉


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