Wrediting, Wanderers & Whatever

Wrediting: That is officially a thing. I’m making it a thing. When you officially finish writing your book and you begin the editing process, and you end up adding so much to the scene you’re supposed to be editing you’re practically writing again.

sw_Editing_N10_20130809_230442I can’t be the only one who does this! I know my co-author does this. We’ve been working together for so long on these books though, that I don’t know whether I’m just an hallucination of her creative mind, or… living in a pocket of my own reality. Are those the same thing? They kinda feel like they’re the same thing.

We’re working in the Wanderer multi-verse. A multi-verse is a play on universe… where there are many possibilities of realityfantasy_world_tree instead of a single universe. That concept has been done and done again, but the spin is different. Our characters are travelling through different worlds, not planets… otherwise we’d call our books Planetary Pioneers (hey, that kind of has a ring to it!)

So anyway, I’m having a discussion with her on instant messager (we use AOL Instant Messager, affectionately known as AIM, but I have no idea why I use it – I used to have a lot of US writing friends that had AIM accounts, so I hopped onto that, and Linda and I still use it. Just while we’re still in this side-bar, my AIM username is HawkeDonovan which is one of my Wanderer characters, now you can pester me, if you really, really want to – on a side-side-bar, AIM has a fantastic blocking feature)… where was I? I’m talking with Linda on AIM about “Transition” and “Genome” (Books Three and Four), where the Wanderers of our story have to go through Femme3Transition_333x5004Genome_333x500 as do the Authorities who are trying to catch/kill/dissect them (not necessarily in that order), and I realise that my Femme novel has made things a little tricky for the Wanderer books.

Originally we just had our Authorities pursuing the Wanderers through Femme, getting up to all manner of hi-jinx, but now we can’t have the Authorities just running around in there because that will screw up our nice orderly bunch of documents that explain exactly how the Authorities run these hundreds of worlds (yes, we truly have laid out the technique of how the Authorities find, populate (if needed) and use all of these worlds, that’s something positive that 20 years of screwing around and talking shimozzle has done for us) and also how Femme manages to put their hand up and says ‘no thanks’ to an Authority invasion, or as they like to call it, assistance. My Femme novel explained that, but a little too neatly. So Linda and I came up with a way that the Authorities CAN travel through Femme (though they are really not supposed to, politically, and will get into all kinds of diplomatic-trouble if they get caught). If I hadn’t published ‘Femme‘ then I could just go back and wredit in an easier way out, but hey, it’s more dynamic and fun this way.

Oh, I just thought of something… parallelogramIf I send my co-author an email about parallel universes, is that a parallelogram?

This is what my mind comes up with when I have to keep focussed. These are the kind of random, idiotic thoughts… that also help me to imagine my way around problems (that could be SO much simpler with a wredit and a tweak). I don’t want to cheat though, and now because of ‘Femme‘, the readers are going to find out a lot more about how Wanderer Clairvoyants work.

Now THAT actually ended up being kinda cool.


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