On The Sidelines

So I’ve shoved my Kickstarter project onto the sidelines. I kind of knew it wasn’t going to get anywhere because I wasn’t promoting it nor pitching the hard sell to folks that I knew. The only people that were vaguely interested weren’t familiar with the Kickstarter website, so that was another hurdle for them. I suspect even with 40 days to go my project is going to slip into silence.

I did attract five different advertisers through it though; people who were making me amazing promises that I could get my project funded if I just bought their $20 or $50 or $99 packages. I’m surprised that I was even chased after for my paltry $500 target. Wouldn’t it make more sense for these companies or individuals to hit up people who are trying to crowdfund a much bigger goal? That really surprised me.

In the meantime, I’ve been investigating the possibility of Amazon exclusivity for the Wanderer books – only because it’s so very very difficult to put your books onto free promotions or discounts without it. I’m going to trial a quickie non-fiction book (that I wrote up these past few days on a topic I have a lot of knowledge about) and this book is the reason why I’ve missed my usual once/twice a week blog post. I’ll be trialling it on Amazon’s KDP Select and seeing all the features/abilities I can do with it, that I might miss out on. If I get a good response for this particular book, I might be releasing Wanderer Book One via Select for the first 90 days. Nothing would stop me from taking it out of the program after that.

I’ll let you know the results. Cheers all.


2 thoughts on “On The Sidelines

    1. I think Kickstarter will work when used correctly. I’ve already followed quite a few projects and seen their success. I think Kickstarter is better suited to new products than to books, but I’ve also seen lots of books get funded too.

      If you believe crowdfunding is charity, you’ll probably feel weird about asking people for their support. I don’t look at it as charity, but a chance for other people to invest in my idea.

      I believe Kickstarter would work for me in the future, but now was the wrong time for me to try. I’m not an avid networker and Kickstarter would require either an already established network (of fans, they don’t have to be friends/family) or a lot of hard work getting people on board. I’m passionate enough about my work to convince others–as long as I have the right ‘others’ to pitch to… if that makes sense. There’s no point getting people excited about the story if they don’t read books, for instance.


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