Eight Desktop Backgrounds

I’ve promised eight desktop backgrounds based on the book covers for pledges at the $10 level and up.

I designed them all in three different monitor sizes so the one that fits best can be used as a background and not appear too ‘squishy’. I’ve tested them by cycling them through my PC and my Mac as a tester for about two weeks now, to make sure they’re not too ‘busy’ as I have a LOT of icons on my desktop and I didn’t want them to be too difficult to see.

I’m pretty happy with them. Here’s an itty bitty preview of them.

Desktop Background Preview

I used the original image and then cropped it in a way that was as appealing as possible (Transition gave me a bit of grief because of the nature of the image, but I figured out how to work it) and then applied filters to mute them as backgrounds. Book covers work best when they are striking, but desktop backgrounds need a simpler focus. I made these using picmonkey.com

I’ve also found this quickie article; 6 Tips For Author Crowdfunding which I think is useful and interesting. I’m pleased that I managed to think of four out of the six tasks… but number six is a biggie that I didn’t do and I believe that’s why I’ve had trouble getting this project off the ground. I recommend number six above all else, when it comes to organising a crowdfunding event.

Edit: I can’t count! Here is the eighth desktop background:


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