Shameless Self Promotion

HEY you!

Yes… you.

Every now and then you visit, I’ve seen your face before. Maybe you don’t visit as often as you like (certainly not as often as *I* would like), but HERE is where I need you the most.

Once you read this extract, you will be convinced. One way or another, you will be convinced. A little wordy perhaps, a lot of fantasy stories are. Not terribly literary but not hack stuff either. Well edited (and still undergoing polish, because I care… I care so much it ACHES).

Did you read it? More importantly, did you want to read more? Did you get to the end and want to continue? If yes, then I need you. You are my kin. We like the same things, you and I. We like the same stories. I will write them if you will read them.

So tell me, please. Tell me you would like more. I have the word of some, but not everyone.

So yes, I need you, before my time is up (*click*)


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