Successful Kickstarter Campaign?

Was it a successful Kickstarter campaign? Technically, yes. In the details, it was and it wasn’t. With four days to go, my co-author Linda and I have been fully funded. The money will go towards creating the rewards and the rest will be spent on marketing.

In the details; all of the funding came from my co-author, nobody on my side of the fence showed their support. I’m not disappointed in anyone specifically, but I am surprised. People tell me how excited they are, how much they want to read my book, and then when it gets down to the gritty… when they can buy it, they don’t. I expected most of them were just talking the talk–you get a lot of that in this world, I’m not naive. But there were a couple of people I thought would come through for me that didn’t.

Also in the details: all of the funding was because of an amazing friend my co-author has, named Sue. She was the kind of tenacious saleswoman and cheerleader you want in your corner fighting for you. She rallied her troops and every other cliche. Sue helped us immensely, so our Kickstarter campaign is successful because of her. It’s Sue’s success we’re reaping. I am immensely grateful but I’m also embarrassed.

Should I be embarrassed because someone believes in our book? Hell, no.

I’m being a sourpuss because I feel like nobody believes in me.


2 thoughts on “Successful Kickstarter Campaign?

  1. The path of the writer can be stony and lonely, but it can also be uplifting, even glorious. Even though you are hurting now you will find people along the way who will support you and look for yours as well. Believe in yourself and your creation, for you wrote it from your heart.The thing is, you are enriched, as you have funds for marketing which many do not have. Success is waiting for you, so go get it. Don’t be embarrassed, it’s a hard world out there in marketing, but if you have faith in yourself and your work, you will get there.
    So start some positive affirmations, thank Divine Spirit, God or the Cosmos for prosperity but above all fulfilment.
    Love and hugs.

    Katy Walters

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    1. Thank you so much Kay, for your uplifting comment. My head knows all of these things, and I’m normally insanely positive (if I wasn’t, I wouldn’t be in self-publishing-ha!)

      I’m embarrassed because I know that if the campaign had been all mine, it would currently be at zero. It’s a humbling, belittling knowledge. It’s one of those things that swats your confidence and mushes you into the floor, like a bug.

      Feeling this way also makes me angry at myself for being ungrateful and negative. I don’t particularly like any of these things either. I should be jumping for joy, and indeed I am, but I think anybody who fails their campaign or project (I haven’t but you know what I mean) will feel hurt, at least for a little while.

      It’s human to feel soured by rejection. My goodness, as writers don’t we all know about rejection–or more for the independently published, feeling invisible! Kickstarter is something of an emotional rollercoaster, regardless of whether a person gets no pledges or many. It’s a tough ride, and I think writers who try it should brace for what they might feel like at the end of it.


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