Still Cruisin’

I had a two week cruise vacation on the Sea Princess. It’s the first time I’ve been on a cruise. I went with my husband and daughter, and my co-writer Linda and her partner. We enjoyed the time away and I’m already planning my next couple of cruises–ha! There’s one extra bonus to cruise holidays that I hadn’t expected; a side-effect of long, long days. The holiday stretched out and I really felt like I had much more than a fortnight’s vacation… I think because we weren’t rushing anywhere to get to the next location, we weren’t living out of a suitcase and it was easy to just leave your (tiny, tiny) cabin and stroll around.

seaprincesslibraryAnd yes! I did some writing and editing on the cruise. If you look at the laptop in this picture, you might be able to read Transition (which is the 3rd Wanderer book), except I was editing Book number 1, Axiom. I happened to have different wallpaper in the background.

Even though the ship was fully booked and there were over a thousand people on board, there were still areas that a person could tuck themselves away for some relaxation. The photo here is a selfie I took in the library/writing room. It was pretty early–I think 5am.

I still needed an extra week after coming home to put the final polishing edit through. I’m glad to say that the beta-readers received their copies on the 8th, which leaves me with nothing to do.

If you consider writing Wanderer Book 2, writing a short story for my April newsletter, and writing a 20K word novella for Camp Nano ‘nothing’.

In March I also released a non-ficton e-book on traffic safety for motorcyclists (inc. scooter riders, they’re motorcyclists too!) called The Streetwise Motorcyclist. I figured I’d maximise on my knowledge spent as a motorcycle instructor and write a little booklet that addresses common situations that motorcyclists face. It’s only a short book, but packed with info about what to look out for. After a number of years motorcycling and instructing, you start seeing patterns and common mistakes so I figured I’d throw together something for the general public.

I used ‘Streetwise’ as a tester for the KDP Select program (i.e., Amazon Exclusivity). It’s performed a lot better than I expected for something so specialised, so it’s decided me on using the KDP Select program for my first two Wanderer books. just to take advantage of the promotional avenues. I don’t think I’ll keep my books exclusive there for longer than 6 months but I’ll be playing it by ear to see what happens.

I’ll record the outcomes in here.


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