Thirteen Percent

Thirteen percent of readers were disappointed.

Thirteen percent of people who read and reviewed Femme on Goodreads didn’t like it.

Thirteen percent of readers thought it was okay, one reader even said they hated it.

Thirteen percent of readers who were interested in the premise enough to download and then read Femme thought I didn’t do a good enough job.

But hey…

Eighty seven percent of readers who read all the way to the end, liked it.

And that’s pretty freaking great.


2 thoughts on “Thirteen Percent

  1. Yes, 87% is very good. It’s important to be positive and accept you can’t please everyone. The other I noticed that one of my books had been rated two stars on Goodreads, the first time I’ve had a bad review. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) the reviewer didn’t say why – it was just the rating. But most feedback has been very positive, and that’s what I need to focus on.

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  2. I Goodreads-stalk those people who gave me less than three stars without a comment, and see what they read. The one person who gave me one star likes hardcore japanese sci-fi graphic novels so I think the Femme concept appealed to them but it was waaaay too soft for their taste. One star is pretty unfair though, but when one star means “I hated it”, I can’t really argue. I can, however, make myself better by knowing why it happened, to either improve where they say I need to or just dismiss it as bias.


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