The File > Compile Cheat Sheet: Part 5 Statistics, Tables, Footnotes & Comments

Continued from: Part 4 Transformations, HTML Settings and Replacements

The settings in this post are very minor. I believe I used the default for most, so I will be relying more heavily on my screenshots.

If you want to check out what the end result of my compile looks like, Amazon’s Look Inside This Book feature for Axiom: Wanderer of Worlds 1 has enough of a preview that you will be able to see how my formatting turned out. I was extremely happy with the end result as with the right settings, Scrivener delivers a very clean end-product when compiling. You want to keep the file size down because there is a download cost (or fee) that comes out of your royalties.


Scrivener Compile Statistics

I’m unsure if this affects bookmarks on e-readers, but at the very least I want the most accurate word-count possible. I don’t want scrivener counting the names in the acknowledgements section. I’ve assumed that this affects meta-data.


Scrivener Tables

I’ve chosen absolutely nothing from the Tables section. I don’t use tables in my fiction but if you need them and want to know more about them, here’s a quickie post from Rebeca Schiller (link opens in a new page).


Once again, very few options selected. I choose to check the box:

Remove inline annotations

because I don’t want the comments I make to myself, come through in the finished product. In case I’ve made some and forgot to take them out, Scrivener becomes my safety net.

Screenshot 2015-07-13 09.19.43

The last File > Compile Cheat Sheet post will show all my Meta-Data settings with some explanation about them, and also the Kindle-specific extra options. This was a quick and dirty settings post because I have little use for Statistics, Tables or Footnotes & Comments.



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