Book Promotion (Link Resource)

Some of these links might lead to articles with some dead-links, others might overlap… however, links leading to places where you can promote your book for free or little cost are valuable. When it comes to promotion, the best way to do it is ‘constantly’. Indie authors can’t afford blitzes and struggle to compete with the big names. If your book is seen often enough (the current rule of thumb is ‘seven impressions’ leads to investigation and potential sales) then every little bit helps.

Note: the following links are resources themselves. That makes this list a resource of resources, I suppose.

Disclaimer: I have gone to all these sites but haven’t tried all their links – I’m making this list so I can work my way through it myself 🙂

  1. Top 100 Websites for Book Promotion and Author Promotion Word or PDF download, free
  2. Ultimate List of Free Book Promotion Sites (Kindle-preneur) Scroll down a bit
  3. List of Promotion Sites via Rachelle Ayala (and Book Tour sites if you scroll down)
  5. Top Kindle Book Promotion Sites (Free or Paid) This is an excellent resource
  6. E-book Booster You can hire them to submit to sites or just do it yourself for free using their links.
  7. Indies Unlimited
  8. Readers In The Know There is a fantastic table illustrating which resource does what
  9. 9 Free Sites To Promote Your e-Book Search Engine Journal
  10. KBoards You can promote your book here but the community here is astounding
  11. How To Market A 99c Sale On The Cheap Article includes 17 links
  12. 76+ Places To Promote Your KDP Select Free Book Promotion
  13. 46 Top Websites To Promote Your Book For Free
  14. Websites To Promote Your Free Kindle Book Promotions includes Facebook, Twitter & Google Communities
  15. Free Promo Websites
  16. Book Promotion Sites with notes about each link by the blogger/author – specific interest of Mystery/Thriller
  17. 72 Places To Promote Your Book When It’s Free includes social media, press releases and blog tours

Promo Advice Resources

  1. 50 Ways To Promote Your Book
  2. 50 Things Under 50 Bucks To Promote Your Book
  3. 71 Ways To Promote and Market Your Book
  4. The Writers Site

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