Free Book Day on Amazon

Axiom: Wanderer of Worlds Book 1Axiom is FREE for two days on Amazon. You can get it by clicking this link.

Normally $5.99 it’s a contemporary paranormal fantasy. 5 stars from everyone who’s reviewed it (only a few so far but that’s what the free day is in aid of).

In a nutshell, it’s about people with powers (Wanderers) who can shift between worlds using a portal that looks like a beam of light. The Authorities (a sprawling, militant multi-world organisation) also have a portal, created through science and engineering. They police world travel in order to maintain the status quo, or so they say. There are four points of view; Daeson, Synjan, Hawke and The Hunter.

Those who like reading about the twisted side of paranormal abilities (like Heroes and X-Men) will like this series. This is a series about truth (and deception), freedom (from captors or one’s own limitations) and survival.

I will blog about my results in a couple of days; in the meantime, feel free to pick up your free e-copy.

  • If you have an e-reader other than Kindle, you’ll have to wait until next year for your version, unfortunately.

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