Free Book Day Results

The second book in the Wanderer of Worlds series is due out in November, so I ran a free e-book promotion in the final days of October (29 and 30), to boost readership and exposure.

I wanted to only advertise on Bookbub but they knocked me back with suggestions how I might be allowed to give them my money. Sidenote: I understand that they want to keep their download numbers high, but if I was running the Bookbub newsletter, I would introduce a ‘wildcard’ section at the bottom of their newsletters, that expressly wouldn’t count towards their statistics, and the books there wouldn’t receive any statistics or guarantees either. I would still advertise with them.

So I had to look elsewhere.

There are a lot of free places to advertise your books, which I blogged a resource list for here.

I also paid for some newsletter promotions, namely:

Freebooksy, Booktastik, Sweet Free Books and Booksends.

Collectively, they cost $190 USD to advertise in their Fantasy genres. (Different genres have different advertising fees, depending on the genres their subscribers have selected – the great thing about this is that you’re putting your book in front of readers who specifically check-boxed your genre). Because of Kickstarter funding, I still have more dosh for other advertising campaigns.

For that money (plus the extra few I would’ve picked up from all the free promo sites), I got 2,795 downloads. I also sold 20 e-books at full price once the promotion ended, which is about 18 more than I anticipated, so that’s a bit of alright.

Realistically speaking, probably only 10% will get around to reading the book straight away: 279 readers. I’m confident enough to believe that most of them will like the story, though the book will have to stand up for itself. Axiom being book one of a series, (I was very clear about that) hopefully means that I’ll have some 200 people interested in supporting two authors working their hardest to complete the next part of the story.

It’s my full time job. Doesn’t pay too well right now, but I’m playing the long game.


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