Delia1The Strange Writer is about me, Delia Strange.

I was born in Auckland, New Zealand (north-west of Hobbiton aka Matamata) and settled in Brisbane, Australia just in time for the 1988 World Expo.

I started out writing sci-fi stories in myteens, speculative horror short stories in my twenties (some were published in various anthologies and journals under my maiden name), and for some reason this minor success inspired me to put the writing aside.  If I could go back in time and slap my younger self, I would.

Some five years after this self-imposed hiatus, I resumed living fantasies on the page instead of just in my head.  This was better for everyone involved–though I still get some weird looks as I react outwardly to my own imagination.

I picked up my closest friend as a co-writer and together we mix all fantasy genres (pure fantasy, urban fantasy, paranormal romance).  Mixing it up wasn’t big enough, so in 2014 I began an indie-publishing project for my science fantasy Femme, and am blogging about the process.

I wasn’t serious about making writing my career until I was 40, when I reached that crucial moment in my life where I was straddling the place between past and future and realised my dreams to be a writer were achievable only if I made a serious attempt at it.  Since having this epiphany, I managed to release my first novel before my 41st birthday (just!) and have plans to release the epic fantasy that I’ve been planning and working at (with my co-writer) for almost twenty years.


Blog images credit: veneratio / subbotina / 123RF Stock Photo


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