Axiom: Wanderer of Worlds #1

What if instead of one world, there were many?
What if you were able to effortlessly travel between worlds?
What if visiting those other worlds meant someone would be sent to kill you?
If there was nothing but misery in your world… would you risk leaving?


Daeson of Cloverlea has the ability to know when people are lying. He thinks his gift makes life simple except he can still be deceived. Forced out of his home and lured out of his world, Daeson finds himself trapped in a city where he doesn’t understand the language and everyone is hostile.

Synjan Walker is a fixer. She’s the person relied upon to solve the problems that crop up in the criminal underbelly of Gredann. She is strong-minded, capable and loyal to a fault. If the Authorities ever manage to arrest her for her crimes, she wouldn’t go to prison but to a laboratory. She is a Wanderer Navigator and the Authorities would love to get their hands on her blood.

Hawke Aron of Donovan Court is destined for a mundane noble existence but his desire to rebel puts him in the sights of a rogue group of Wanderers. Torn from his home, he discovers that he has Wanderer blood too. By the time he learns to control his power, he is at the mercy of a more ruthless enemy.

The Authorities are innovators, technological giants and tireless explorers. They are the guardians and the gatekeepers, charging a fortune and enforcing a strict regimen for Interworld travel via their manufactured portal. Wanderers have no understanding of the biological warfare their illegal travel represents. Those who defy Authority rule will risk attracting the attention of an Authority Hunter – whose mission is to assassinate.

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Untethered: Wanderer of Worlds #2

What if instead of one world, there were many?
What if you were able to effortlessly travel between worlds?
What if visiting those other worlds meant someone would be sent to kill you?
If there was nothing but misery in your world… would you risk leaving?


Synjan and Daeson meet by chance in the back alley of the Queen. Their short discussion reveals that they have been purposefully kept apart but to what end, neither of them know. Daeson spends the day at the Queen seeking information about Synjan while she infiltrates the Authority base at its most chaotic–minutes after a terrorist attack. They both make shocking discoveries that lead to the death of friends and Daeson has to reveal his Healer ability in order to save a stranger.

Once Hawke turns thirteen, he is considered mature enough to return to his home world on the proviso that he keeps the secret of other worlds. His sponsor, Cayden, acts as his guide and travelling companion and Hawke discovers that going back home isn’t what he expected. As his fourteenth birthday looms, Hawke is under increasing pressure to make a decision that will impact the rest of his life. He finds a way to exact revenge on those who’ve made his life difficult at Willets Academy, makes a connection with one of Cayden’s contacts and reaches out to Ellis.

When the Hunter arrives to join the chase, he finds his prey has already been captured but he learns something about the imprisoned Wanderer nobody expected. On return from his mission he takes the time to revisit the woman who’s haunted him for years… and realises he has a lot to say to her.

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Femme: A Wanderer Novel

Femme: A Wanderer NovelA science fantasy with a touch of romance.
A utopian world with a touch of slavery.

Kaley Blackburn is sent to Femme in her final year of Future Tech studies.  The world is a socialist utopia of low crime, great health and advancements in technology that leave other worlds envious.

It’s a fantastic place to visit if you’re a woman.  Men, on the other hand, are the slaves that tend to all feminine desires.  Kaley knew about the world’s cultural aspect of slavery but didn’t expect that she would be assigned a slave for herself for the duration of her stay.

Mecca is handsome, intelligent and obedient but every answer he gives to Kaley’s questions only feed her growing concerns.  Does Femme hide an ugly truth beneath its glamorous surface and can she trust her feelings for a man whose duty is to make her feel special?

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Blue Shift

A collection of science fiction and speculation.
One novella, seven short stories and a duo of flash fiction.

BlueShift_DeliaStrangeSECOND LIFE is a sci-fi mystery set in the Australian outback. Brenda is a woman who lives with an old man that could be her grandfather and a young girl that could be her daughter; except they’re not.

What happens during a new moon? Why does nobody remember their past? What secrets is Brenda keeping and why is she suspicious of the child in her house?

FORTUNE: When an up and coming artist is confronted by a strange man foretelling the future, she laughs off the warning. Years later, after discovering that she should’ve taken heed, another psychic offers her the chance to decide between two outcomes.

DOT MATRIX: When George Griper is taken for a tour around an advanced bio-laboratory, he finds himself confronted by an experiment on lifetime memories.

AIR FIRE WATER EARTH are four short stories that tell a single story in reverse.

LOVE OF COUNTRY and CREATIONISM: Two flash fiction pieces, both starring Misha Collins, the Queen of England and an elopus.

MECCA: For those who’ve read ‘Femme’, this short story provides an insight to the history of the enslaved man, Mecca.

PURE: If the world seems like it’s going crazy, is it them or is it you?

MIRROR: A Grant Creek story.

THE SONG is about music, madness and love. This competition-winning story is about a woman who defies the madness that threatens to overwhelm her, until she has nothing left to lose.

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The Streetwise Motorcyclist

StreetwiseMotorcyclist333x500Expert Tips For Keeping Yourself Safe In Traffic (U.S. Edition)

After many years spent as a motorcycle instructor, I have found there are particular situations that commonly crop up for the traffic motorcycle or scooter rider. Within these pages are explanations and diagrams for why motorcyclists are ‘invisible’ to other drivers and how to maximise your safety without being lectured on the dangers or being told scary stories.

Commuting in traffic should be enjoyable–this booklet is about handing full control of every traffic situation to the motorcyclist and scooter riders on the road.

Highly recommended for:

1. Motorcyclists and scooter riders with only a few years experience.
2. Motorcyclists and scooter riders who bypassed professional training for whatever reason.
3. Motorcyclists and scooter riders who have begun commuting or are returning to the road after a long hiatus.
4. Motorcyclists and scooter riders who are constantly surrounded by “the stupidity or ignorance of other drivers”.

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Day 51: Sneak Peek

As today is the 30th of March and my launch date is 30th May, I think it would be fun to release the first chapter in its entirety of Femme here in this blog.  I’ve talked about this project enough, it’s certainly time to show some of it.  So without further delay, here’s Chapter One, of Femme (a Wanderer of Worlds novel).  I welcome (and encourage) any comments!


Chapter One

Kaley Blackburn had no luggage and it felt absurd to travel without it.  Seated across from her was a woman reading a paperback.  The cover showed a bare-chested man embracing a woman in ragged white clothing.  Kaley didn’t need to see the title to know what kind of book it was.

Her gaze dropped to the low, modern coffee table between them.  A trio of stubby green candles were lined on a crystal tray, their candle-light lost in the overpowering glow of fluorescents.  They were there for their citrus scent and to add to the ambience.

The man standing just inside the doorway of the waiting room also added to the ambience.  He wore a blue uniform—not dark enough to be navy—with an assault rifle cradled in his hands, the barrel pointed safely at the floor.  He stood at attention; unmoving, unwavering.

What big guns you have, Authorities.
All the better to protect you with.

Two chimes caught Kaley’s attention.  There was nothing to see overhead except for lights and a few discreet speakers embedded in the ceiling.  An overly-loud disembodied voice made an announcement.

“Last call for Femme at gate four.  Departure time confirmed for nine hundred.”

The armchair was so plush that Kaley had trouble extracting her smartphone out of her jeans back pocket.  The cushion expelled a wheeze of air that she pretended didn’t bother her but her heated cheeks proved otherwise.  She woke her smartphone to check the time and saw there was ten minutes to go.

A whispered conversation began behind her and she tried her best not to listen but there was nothing to distract her from it.

“I wish I’d looked up my ranking online.”

“Didn’t you get your letter?”

“I always get them late because I transferred to wuss my second year.”

Kaley screwed up her nose.  The Wynnum University of Sciences had a stellar reputation and she was disgruntled when other students spoke its acronym instead of spelling it out.

To avoid listening she decided to start up a conversation of her own.  She thumbed her way to her mother’s number even though she knew it by heart.  As she listened to it ring she couldn’t help but smile, anticipating her mother’s reaction to a second call for the day.

“Kaley? Have you forgotten something?”

Kaley laughed softly and shook her head.  “No, Mum.  They just made final call.  I wanted to talk to you on my phone one last time before I portal out.”

“Oh, honey, you’re a sweetheart,” her mother said.  Even though there was no tremor in her voice, Kaley imagined she could hear the emotion behind those words.  Whenever her mother felt touched, her eyes glistened with tears.  She would often excuse herself to wipe them away in private before they fell.  Kaley didn’t understand the motivation behind it but she thought it was elegant.

“I’ll call when I get to the hotel,” Kaley promised again.

“No rush,” her mother said warmly. “Did you remember to pack your inhaler?”

“They’ve got something different for that over there.  Something better.”

“Will they let you bring it back with you?”

“I hope so,” Kaley gushed.

“Your dad would be so proud of you.”

Kaley was shocked into silence.  Her mother rarely brought up her father without being asked first. Kaley had noticed this since primary school.  She’d asked her mother why she never spoke about her dad.  Her answer had come in the form of a question.  ‘Don’t I?’ so Kaley hadn’t pursued it.  She knew plenty though because she’d never been afraid to ask and her mother was always forthright with her answers.  Kaley didn’t know why it had to be that way but she had her suspicions.

When the silence extended, her mother filled it with more revelations.

“He said you would achieve more than both of us combined.  Silly man, you were only a baby.”  Kaley could hear the smile in her mother’s voice.  “But he was right, wasn’t he?  He wasn’t just talking about his hopes, he was talking about your future.  Who knew that you’d be travelling between worlds?”

Kaley listened to the air on the phone, unsure how to continue the conversation.  Nothing seemed appropriate.  She could hear a dog barking excitedly in the background and knew it was the neighbour’s Jack Russell.  Someone would be walking past the house and it was going mental like it always did.

“Mum, are you okay?” she asked and instantly regretted it.  Her mother had finally shared something lovely without prompt and Kaley was short-sighted enough to ask if her mother was feeling alright.

“I’m okay, honey.  I just woke up feeling old,” she said with a chuckle.  Her words and laughter sounded light enough to appease Kaley’s concerns.

“I’ve got to go, they’re ushering us in.  I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Kaley ended the call and stood to pocket her phone.  As she assembled into line, she pulled the plastic travel card out of her other pocket and handed it to the blue uniformed attendant.  The woman turned and inserted the card into a sleek silver machine at her side.  The screen flickered once before Kaley’s image appeared.  She stood impassive as the attendant checked her against the screen.  Even though Kaley knew there was going to be no trouble, she held her breath until she was asked to press her palm against a tablet the attendant thrust towards her.  She waited until a beep sounded and then the woman waved her through.

What great security you have, Authorities.
All the better to contain you with.

She was shown to her seat by a different attendant, this one friendlier than the first but still performing his duties in a perfunctory manner.  Were they soldiers on attendant duties or civilians working for the Authorities?

The seats were lined in three columns with lots of space around them.  The seats were very comfortable and reminded her of dentist chairs with adjustable height, footrest and back.  She could position it herself using the button panel at her left hand.  She experimented with it to get herself comfortable.

What a big chair you have, Authorities.
All the better to sleep with.

“Have you portalled before?” someone asked from the chair beside hers.  Kaley recognised a curly haired brunette from the huge lecture halls at Uni but didn’t recall her name.  The mess of dark curly hair made her distinctive, though this girl normally kept to herself.

“Yes, but not to Femme,” Kaley said.  “I visited Prospect on the weekend of my twenty-first,” she said with a grin.  The brunette answered Kaley’s smile with a huge one of her own and Kaley decided she liked whatever-her-name-was.

“What’s it like?”

“Prospect?  It’s like Vegas but it’s cheaper to portal there than to fly to the States.”

“Really? How is that possible?”

“Some of the tourist worlds can be really cheap.  Not like Femme.  I’ll have to get sponsored if I plan on visiting again.”

“I think we all will,” her new friend replied.  “I don’t think any of us has been to Femme before.”

“I have,” a new voice interrupted.

Kaley looked up at the intensely green eyes of Ronika Howard before she selected a seat for herself in front of them, exiting her portion of the conversation as immediately as she’d entered it.  Kaley looked back at the brunette beside her who was struggling to hold in laughter.  Kaley liked her even more.  She needed someone on this trip to remind her to have fun.

“I’m Kaley,” she said.


They settled into their seats when the attendant came by with a round pill of swirling blue and green, and a plastic cup of water to wash it down with.  Kaley thought it appropriate that it resembled her beloved planet Earth before popping it into her mouth.  It didn’t take long for her to feel light-headed and sleepy.  She fought against it so she could watch the next stage, but was only awake long enough to see the attendants fitting oxygen masks onto the travellers seated ahead of her.

What big masks you have, Authorities.
All the better to keep you alive with.